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Ethically and sustainably made in NYC

Here's what we're about

At EACH, we take joy in the little things in life, like jewelry and hair accessories. We have a cheerful, feminine, and utilitarian approach, which you will find in everything we do. We value purposeful design and processes that make the world a brighter and shinier place.

How we started

After years of working for world renowned brands, we figured out how to build a one that gives us what we crave - high quality with good value(s). Women shouldn’t have to choose between shopping responsibly and affordably, when they can #chooseoneofeach

It's straight up magic

How do we make ethically-produced jewelry and hair accessories that are one-of-kind and affordable? We are going to let you in on a little secret - We’ve actually become best friends with our jewelers, learned what they enjoy working on, and focus on designs and techniques that create accessories that are equally stunning and simple to produce. Talk about a win-win.

We have high standards

When it comes to materials, we don't mess around. All of our metals come from a foundry in upstate New York, and are casted here in NYC. Our casters have every certification you can image, from green smelting to the gold standard (literally) of purity. There is no lead, cadmium, nickel or harmful alloys as far as the eye can see. All the metals are wear tested and mother earth approved.

.925 Sterling Silver

Our silver is Tiffany grade and is .925 parts silver, and .75 parts copper, which basically means it lasts forever. It can be worn day in and day out, and will tarnish and oxidize with lack wear. It is safe to wear in the shower and at the gym. Be careful in swimming pools, because silver is only safe to wear in certain chlorine compositions.


Our .925 Sterling Silver is coated with rhodium and then plated with 2.5 microns of yellow or rose gold. Avoid moisture, chemicals, cosmetics and anything abrasive that could harm the natural texture of the metal.


Our bronze alloy is mainly copper, with 12% tin. Our bronze pieces come out the same color as 14kt. yellow gold. Over time, they will oxidize and darken with a warm and rich patina. Like a fine wine, we believe they get better with age. We recommend storing these safely in your pouch to retain maximum shine. Avoid moisture, chemicals, cosmetics and anything abrasive that could harm the natural texture of the metal.

Plated Brass

Our brass alloy is 82% copper, 12%tin and 6% zinc. Once finished, our brass pieces are plated with a rhodium coating and then flashed with a gold, silver or rose gold coating. Avoid moisture, chemicals, cosmetics and anything abrasive that could harm the natural texture of the metal.

Gold Filled

Our gold filled jewelry has a solid layer of 5% gold that is mechanically bonded to a brass sheet or wire base. Gold filled jewelry is safe to wear in the shower and at the gym. We recommend not wearing while swimming, it's not worth the risk.


All chains, closures, bases, jumo rings, wires, posts, and backing are sourced from our New Mexico based supplier. They machine, tool, rig and stamp all items iternally at their facility.

Waste not, want not.

To take it a step further, we are zero waste. Every sprue, chain, finding, link, mistake, or trial piece is saved. In January, it gets melted down into new jewelry and hair accessories. We try to limit fumes and carbon emissions, so we plan one batch per year.

Finishing School

We love schooling people on finishing processes, because we are finished with all of the harmful chemicals! Finishing a piece is the most unhealthy processes for our jewelers and the environment.

Finishing generally consists of polishing and plating. The longer a piece is on the polishing wheel, the more chemicals are released. Typically pieces are polished for an average of 3 minutes to get a mirror shine. We are proud to say that our average polishing time is less than 1 minute, and our pieces are just as shiny. How do we do this? We design shapes that naturally catch the light so our sparkle truly does come from within.

We also plate less than 15% of our collection, and it is becoming a smaller proportion every season. Plating uses harmful chemicals, and while it temporarily keeps your pieces bright and shiny, it's a pretty solution for an ugly problem.

By reducing polishing and plating processes, we save money for customers and minimize labor and unhealthy chemical exposure for our jewelers.