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.925 Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver jewelry is made with Tiffany grade silver, which is .925 parts silver and .75 parts copper. It’s longlasting and can (and should!) be worn all day, every day. Silver will tarnish and oxidize with lack of wear, so we recommend showing it off as much as possible! While it’s safe to wear in the shower and at the gym, be careful while swimming as it is only safe to wear in certain chlorine compositions.


The brass alloy we work with is mainly copper mixed with 12% tin and is the color of 14kt. yellow gold. Over time, the metal will oxidize and darken with a warm and rich patina, which will continue to improve with age. We recommend storing brass pieces safely in your pouch to retain maximum shine. Avoid moisture, chemicals, cosmetics, and anything abrasive that could ruin the texture of the metal.


All of our jewelry findings, such as chains, clasps, backings, and earring posts, are either .925 sterling silver or gold-filled, consisting of 5% genuine 14kt. gold on the outside and brass on the inside. All of our hair accessory findings are either iron or steel. Our bobby pins and french pins are plated in order to retain their functionality and keep their color consistent. We do our best to avoid plating on 90% of our products as we realize it isn’t the best process for the environment. While we currently use the safest and greenest plating available on the market, we are always working on improving our methods.